Candy Crush Saga Hack Mod Apk Fre Download (Unlimited Lives)

Candy Crush Saga has been the Most popular game since its release. It’s really enjoyable and strategic game. Most of the people might think that game is really simple in terms of gameplay and graphics but believe me, Candy Crush Saga Mod Apk has got many awards for just this simple gameplay and graphics.

All you need to do is just slice the matching candies and then strategically win the game. You will be getting toffies and cookies for crushing the candies in Candy Crush Saga Mod Apk. Different sweets will have different benefits. Try to make as many cookies as you can.

Why Mod Apk?

Although, the game is free to play but some things need money to buy in the game and to unlock all the levels in the game you need to wait and complete the levels step by step and trust me it’s really difficult to complete the levels. Therefore, I got something called Candy Crush Saga Mod Apk for you.

Today, I’ll give you download links to Candy Crush Saga Hack Mod Apk + Normal Apk(for those who don’t like mod or hacks) and then importantly downloading and installation details that you need to read. Before that, let’s see how the game really looks like.

Candy Crush Saga Mod Apk Overview

Candy Crush Saga Mod Apk has crossed over 1 Billion downloads over the Google Play store and have the highest ratings in terms of Android Game. It is the most popular puzzle game on mobile phones and millions of people are enjoying this game.

Features of Candy Crush Saga Mod Apk

  • Change the position of candies and match it in divine puzzle adventure to get in the next level to get more sweets.
  • Crush the Candies and acquire components throughout lots of stages assured to have you ever earn more.
  • Smart and Strategic moves are rewarded with tasty colourfull cascades and attractive candy combinations.
  • You need to switch candies as 3 matching rows and using boosters accurately so as to overcome the ones more sticky levels.
  • Candy Crush Saga is completely free to play but some optionally available in-game items will require payment.
  • Take on this delicious candy match 3 Candies and you can even share with friends
  • Unlock tasty places and meet the sweetest characters
  • Tasty methods to play are Clear the Jelly, Target Score, Collect the Ingredients and Order Mode if you want to name few.
  • Play Daily to get free tasty rewards, participate in time-constrained challenges to earn boosters that can grow you fast.
  • You can Unlock all the features of the game when you connect it with the Internet.
  • There’s also a daily booster spin for delicious surprises.
  • There are hundreds of new levels and puzzles within the Candy Kingdom and the best part is they will add more every 2 weeks in Candy Crush Hack mod apk.
  • Tasty Candies wrapped and special stripped chocolates, Color Bombs and various different magical booster that will help you with more difficult levels
  • There will be a leader board to see where your friends stand.
  • Get sugar drops to grow along the Sugar Track for outstanding sweet surprises in Candy Crush Saga Mod Apk.


Candy Crush Saga Mod Apk keeps its traditional gameplay and graphics as same in preceding versions. You need to swipe Candies on the screen as the way they combine with each other as 3 (in each color and shapes). Then you’ll Combine them and will get scores.

If you combine 4 candies you’ll get toffee and 5 for cookies, they may shape a unique candy that can spoil all the matching candies in the game. These toffies and cookies are really precious to grow in the game.

The game does not just follow the rules of a match-three game, but Candy Crush Saga Hack also has a new mechanism which helps us to sort in 2 * 2 squares. This new rule will open some more features for gamers to choose. The best part is, many treasures and awesome gifts are waiting for you to choose.

Modes in Game

Since its release, Candy Crush Friends Saga has got More than 450 Levels and this number is increasing week after week. The publisher of the game King always tries to make each level difficult for players via complicated puzzles and levels.

I am sure you’ll be definitely gonna stuck in some levels, and then you definitely be gonna happy also to get it to pass. Besides conventional mode in Candy Crush Saga Mod Apk, the game gives you special modes such as:

  • Octopuses and the Mammoths: In this mode, there will be animals inside every candy, and you may need to release them all out of the sweet. You just need to combine your candies and crush candies close to the beast that helps them to release. Animals which will be close to the candy can be launched, and so you will launch them to triumph over this puzzle. And I really like that octopus is stuck in jelly, and do the same for him also.
  • Dunk the cookie within the chocolate: This is considered one of the hardest puzzles in Candy Crush Saga game mod. You will need to crush and combine the candy accurately so that each cookie fall down.


Many gamers think that Candy Crush Friends Saga got some more superior graphics than of Candy Crush Saga Mod Apk but that’s not true. And the game is available both as multiplayer and offline also. Moreover, the game without problems syncs data among gadgets when the Internet get connected with Internet.

Candy Crush Saga Mod Apk Quick Description

File NameCandy Crush Saga Mod Apk
Popularity4.4 Stars

How to download Candy Crush Saga Hack Mod Apk

If you just want to download Apk files then you can do so from here but make sure to follow installation details:

Download Candy Crush Saga Mod Apk Here


Download Candy Crush Saga Apk Here


  1. Download Mod Apk or Normal Apk from the link above
  2. Install the downloaded APK
  3. Enable “Unkown Sources” Option from the security>settings
  4. Allow any permission if asks
  5. Enjoy the game

If you want to see how the gameplay of the game is then you can have look here:

Final Words

If you got some strategical mind then you must download and install Candy Crush Saga Mod Apk on your Android. The game really got awarded with some best awards in the world. And you can imagine how popular the game is simply with a number over 1 Billion Download on Google Play Store.

I hope you have successfully downloaded and installed the game on your Android. If you faced any problem then you can comment below. Keep visiting our blog techbroot if you want more awesome hack mods like this.

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