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Install cwcheat plugin (cheats & hacks) for psp games

If you want to play your PSP games with god mode, infinite lives, and infinite money and ammo. People who love to use cheat codes. CWcheat is for you, congratulations you are in right place.

It is a wonderful experience playing games anywhere and anytime using PlayStation portable. But, I hate dying, again and again, reloading ammo again and collecting money in my PSP games. If you are also like me, you must keep on reading.

cwcheat psp


So here comes CWCheat psp plugin by which You can get cheat codes and hacks of your PSP games. We will see how you can download and install and then set up it on your PSP. 
It is the latest version of CWcheat psp plugin and the latest database of 2018 also for PSP go users.
Before we move further, Must know:

What is CWCheat? 

What is CWCheat?

Cwcheat is a plugin used on PSP to apply different cheat codes in your PSP games like infinite ammo, money, and lives. It also allows you to search cheats and edit it for easy to use in the game menu.



  • cwcheat: you need to have CWCheat psp plugin. I will give the download link when we see steps to install and setup it.
  • A Custom firmware PSP
  • Latest Database that is included in the file you will download.

How to download and install CWCheat psp plugin for PSP

These are simple steps to hack and get codes of your PSP games. Just follow these steps by your heart and enjoy your PSP games.

1. Download Cwcheat on your pc and after download extract the files. This is the latest CWCheat and database of 2018 for normal and PSP go users.                                  

2. After you extract the files, you may see the folder named ‘CWCheat with updated Cheat.db’. Open it and open the folder according to your PSP. If you are using PSP go, open the folder ‘TXTs for PSP GO users’ and if you are using normal PSP select the first folder.

How to download and install CWCheat plugin for PSP
3. Connect your PSP with PC and copy all the file of the folder which you have opened. and paste these files in seplugins folder in the root directory of your PSP. (e.g. PSP/seplugins/ ‘paste here’)
4. After you completed all these above steps. Then disconnect your PSP and completely turn off your PSP and then turn it on again and hold R that will open recovery mode in your PSP.

5. Find plugins and check if  cwcheat.prx and cwcheatpops.prx are both Enabled or not. If not, enable them.


6. Now the last step, Start your game and Hold select button that will take you to CWCheat and then open ‘Select cheats’ and choose the cheat you want by turning the label into [Y]. After go back to the menu and enable the cheats. And Enjoy the game.

Install cwcheat plugin

NOTE:  Do not press Circle for exiting from CWCheat psp interface as this can result in crashes with certain types of games. Once your cheats are enabled then you need to load a new area in order for them to take effect.

That’s not all…

It’s not all about installing CWcheat plugin for PSP, you need to update cheat database to get new codes of the latest games in your PSP. let’s have short look at how we can update.

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How to update the cheat database

As the official site of cwcheat has not been updating their site for a long time.
I will tell you 2 methods of updating or downloading cheat.db

Updating with pc

  1.  First, you need to download database  cheat.db for psp   cheat4.db for psx
  2.  Put them into the seplugins/cwcheat folder
  3.  and then Replace the old cheat.db

Updating online with PSP

  1. First, you need to open the CWCHEAT folder.
  2. Select DATABASE DOWNLOAD folder. There are two types 
  3. Then Copy 3.X folder into the GAME folder or in your PSP. Make sure the GAME kernel is set to XX or 4.XX in the recovery mode.
Still facing a problem, One more method:
If you are still facing a problem of not getting codes or cheats while playing games
This is the method of updating the database manually:
step 1: Download cheat database file, it is a cheat database editor used to add the latest games and codes of games.

step 2: If the game is not present in the database. you will need to add the game yourself if you use the cwcheat psp editor, click cwcheat.db and choose the option add game, a new window will open asking for game name and sony code the name matters not but sony code matters so if you don’t know the sony code you can find it out at site like gfaqs in the game data tab.(sorry, that is the only site that has sony codes) after you complete this new game will be at the bottom.

step 3: select the game you want to add the code and right click it and select add code name. this is where the code will be listed as so be careful.

step 4: when you successfully added the code name. Then you need to click on new code name and select add code. You can get the code from google. (note if the code name has more than one line then you will need to add as many codes to the code name as many lines to the code)

CWCheat psp

This is all about CWCheat PSP plugin. I hope your all doubts about CWCheat is cleared. If you facing any problem while setting up your PSP, feel free to comment below. Now you can enjoy playing games with infinite ammo, lives, and money in your PSP.

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