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For the fans of WWE  game series there’s good news, now, WWE 2k16 apk can be played over Android. I play this game daily on my Android. I think I got addicted to the game but anyway,

I am sure, you’ve been wanting to play this free game on your Android too. so that’s point of today, we will discuss how to download and play WWE 2k16 apk on Android with apk+obb and psp iso for ppsspp.

Offering extra than 120 specific playable characters, which includes Superstar Stone Cold Steve Austin along Seth Rollins, Daniel Bryan, Dean Ambrose, Bad News Barrett, Paige, and Finn Bálor, WWE 2K16 includes the largest roster in WWE video games records.

This is why I got addicted to the game

The roster contains an aggregate of modern-day WWE Superstars and Divas, emerging NXT expertise, WWE Hall of Famers and WWE alumni from more than one eras.

Although the game is not available for Android and not even for psp so that you can play it on ppsspp but the modded version of this game is available for both,

and all you need to do is download free WWE 2k16APK file for Android and PSP ISO file for ppsspp on Android.

And just little settings up given below the following post will make WWE 2k16 mod run on your Nougat, Oreo, Pie or whichever you are having. but make sure it should be above kit kat.

And a sad truth is

This game is not available for Android and all who claims that they have apk or iso file for Android are nothing more than:

  • Fraud
  • broken file
  • a modded game in the name of WWE 2k16
It is impossible to play this title on any device rather than PC with quite higher specifications, PS4, P3, Xbox 360 and one. 
I think if you are reading this post, you may have a common sense that clearly states that how such a high graphics game can be run on Android that doesn’t have kind of any graphics card.
And the main point is that it is not officially launched by 2K Sports for Android or even for psp. 

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How good mod is?

This is a nice question because all you can do to play this game on Android is to play full modded version of WWE 2k16 apk. So the main thing is this mode will be not exactly like game on PS4 or xbox one.

But it is far much better than normal 2k game officially launched for Android and even better than 2k15 in some instance. As I said I literally addicted to the game and this shows you would be liking this game for sure.

Before we move further to apk or iso for ppsspp download links of the game, you need to have a little overview of the game.

WWE 2k16  Description 

Reversals had been changed so players have a set amount of reversals consistent per signal match, stopping gamers from spamming reversals all match.

On next-gen variations, there aren’t any loading monitors between entrances, and players have the potential to attack different wrestlers for the at the time of their entrance.

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What changes you will be getting

  • Referee and manager AI has been advanced. 
  • The chain wrestling minigame has been reworked.
  • Pins and submissions had been transformed and advanced, with a new device replacing the preceding one, 
  • taking into account fairer breakouts and more recent animations have additionally been added,
  • Includes of grimy pins and canceled pins.
  • Online matchmaking has additionally been stepped forward. 

The sport may also feature rest holds characters can use to regain stamina. Gameplay within the PS3 and Xbox 360 variations or wwe 2k16 apk Android mod remains largely the identical blueprint as in preceding iterations on those respective consoles;

download wwe 2k16 iso for ppsspp

however, new things had been brought,  smoother animations for some of the moves. Handicap tag group and twister tag suits, all of which had been eliminated in WWE 2K15, return in WWE 2K16.

Audio and visuals

The commentary crew has been expanded to a few 3 members, with John “Bradshaw” Layfield becoming a member of the returning Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler.

Jim Ross returns to call matches along Lawler in the Steve Austin exhibit. The WWE 2k16 APK file game features new cloth physics and animations, growing greater realistic attire.

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The type of the group has been progressed as properly. Hair physics and sweat features were progressed. In the PS3, PPSSPP and Xbox 360 versions, handiest Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler are a gift for commentary out of doors of Showcase mod.

WWE 2K16 apk for android features an authorized soundtrack that includes twelve songs in addition to users can use entrance theme tune of celebrity/Diva to be played inside the menu.

How can we forget game mod:

WWE 2k16 mod

2k showcase

The 2K Showcase mod also returns, with the showcase detailing the career of the duvet famous person “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. 

wwe 2k16 android
A second showcase will become to be had simplest with the buy of the ‘Hall Of Fame’ DLC pack. It is a group of classic matches presenting each of the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2015 entrants (aside from Arnold Schwarzenegger).

My career

MyCareer returns from 2K15 in wwe 2k16 apk, with 2K claiming the mod could be significantly multiplied from last years sport. The mod is only available on PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One, sorry to Android or ppsspp players as free things are not good enough. 
Several changes were made so that it will provide the participant with more manipulate over their celebrity. The character personality can be influenced through moves, consisting of forming alliances and rivalries.

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WWE Universe mod lets in the participant to create their own WWE shows and pay-per-view events, allowing them to create rivalries and feuds for singles wrestlers and/or tag team wrestlers and will allow them to create custom arenas and championship titles.


Players can have a ramification of different fits with other players online.
Now let’s download this game and install it on our Android devices, continue with an article so that you don’t complain later that game is not running.
wwe 2k16 ppsspp

How to Download WWE 2k16 for Android Free

WWE 2k16 APK

By researching a lot I came to know that apk file of this game is not trustworthy and broken, you will not kind of joy which you gonna get with its psp iso on ppsspp Android. But still here is apk link.


Follow these simple steps to run the game:
  1. Download PPSSPP emulator from play store or my suggestion is download PPSSPP gold emulator.
  2. Now, Download PSP ISO file of this game from here
  3. Extract the downloaded file and open the ppsspp emulator. Browse the file where you extracted.
  4. Choose your favorite character and have fun.
 wwe 2k16 ppsspp game download for android
I hope you followed the steps correctly and never ever believe any video or site which claims they have original WWE 2k16 apk game for Android. I’ve already told WWE 2k15 and WWE 2k17 on Android that you should check.
If you have any doubt comment below and share this among your friends.

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