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Download Dragon City Mod Apk v22.10.5 (Everything Unlimited)

Who has never dreamed of having a dragon? They’re so cute while they may be small… The trouble comes when they grow up and spitfire, but anyway all this you can get easily by playing Dragon City Mod Apk.

Dragon City hack mod apk for Android is a fun game, halfway between turn-based fight and handling a city in which dragons are the protagonists. From your city, you will have the chance to create your very own dragon army and fight battles with other gamers inside the pursuit of victory.

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Today, I will give you the best hack mod of dragon city apk for Android. It is a hacked version of the game so that you will get unlimited money and food. You will get Download link below in this post.

Get ready to take in this ferocious battle game whilst education fire-respiratory dragons on your will! Are you the chosen instructor to say the title of top Dragon Master?

Build a Dragon City on floating islands and fill it with farms, habitats, homes and fierce creatures! Master a dragon beast in this terrific 3-on-3 multiplayer dragon city mod apk!

Download Dragon City Apk here


Download Dragon city Mod Apk from here


Dragon City Mod Apk Overview

You just need to Collect dragon eggs and educate a lovely child dragon, evolving it into a powerful battle beast with the intention to guard you in the PvP online area! Join forces in guilds and alliances so that you can emerge as a Dragon Master, interact in the chat, enhance your city, fight in multiplayer occasions and release extraordinary hero rewards.

To be a fantastic trainer you may breed, feed and evolve your beast, from the egg level to the mythical very last evolution! Training is the key to have fulfillment at the mania of the 3v3 tournaments.

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Features of Dragon city mod apk android

  • You must finish the fantasy collection! There are over 500 puppy dragons to reproduce and myriads of eggs to gather!
  • Find rare eggs and get cuddly hybrids to make bigger your collection. Different elements! Combine cute dragons of Fire, Nature, War, Legend, and plenty of other elements.
  • Start doing farming and harvesting assets now. If you want the best species, you’ll need heaps of meals to feed them and lead them to evolve!
  • There are many Exclusive events! New creatures, be part of the game each week via breeding occasions and special islands in dragon city mod apk for Android.
  • Also Includes Epic quests for each player! Enjoy the journey and play towards other beast tamers within the PvP area in 3v3 combats to find exceptional beasts, claim warrior’s chests, and climb up the leaderboards.
  • Summon dragons from the paranormal Tree Of Life and strive their capabilities or get a rare dragon egg to care.
  • Collect Orbs and keep educating your cuddly dragon pets! You’ll see how their power in struggle grows!
    You will unlock superior functions as you play! The Ancient World, the Guardian Dragons… And make your legendary island grow!
  • Be a social hero! Join alliances to play and clash with the different beast players, chat with them and open alliance chests.
  • I recommend to log in with Facebook to save your sport and play on all your gadgets – That way you may take your lovely infant fire-respiration lizards and evolve them everywhere!

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One-on-one combats

dragon city apk for android

As to the combats, once you have trained dragons and a ring at your disposal you will be capable of facing other players in combats. The dynamic is flip-based combat: you select your dragons (they can be or greater) and they confront every other one at a time, with one movement or attack in step with a contender.

The winner can be determined to rely on the strength of its attacks and the lifestyles of each dragon.

Dragons in the game

The like the thing dragon book in this game in which you can collect and unlock all the different varieties of dragons which you can locate at some stage in the path of the game. The developers of the game created around 500 dragons and each one having their very own unique skills and abilities.

You can collect and unlock more rewards as you complete the dragon book so you may able to focus more on unlocking and breeding all kinds of dragons. You can also teach your dragons and create a squad which will help in joining numerous alliances available in the game.

You can also get the chance to join the biggest and the most powerful alliances which will assist you to give you cover while are in the war with the master and while you are outnumbered. You can also help them while they’re outnumbered in opposition to the enemy.

Dragon teacher in Dragon city mod apk

  • Professional dragon trainer. That could be your main mission in Dragon city mod apk: discover eggs, hatch them, provide the dragon home and feed it so that it will become an adult dragon that could combat different dragons in the ring.
  • In the process, you will also function manager for your dragon city, since you may have to improve the tower in which the eggs are created, construct farms to feed the dragons…
  • To preserve you from getting lost inside the midst of all the action, Dragon City indicates you a list of pending tasks. Clicking them will take you to the building, in which you need to do the task.

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Unlimited Gems and gold


dragon city mod apk for android

Dragon City v8.3.1 is a freemium game; this is, it is free to install and play. however, requires micro bills to collect certain things. Either that, otherwise you wait out sufficient time to get what you need. But, As I said Dragon City mod apk will give you everything free pre-hacked version.

The mod gives you unlimited foreign money is gemstones and gold. You get loads of gold as you complete tasks also. And besides, dragons usually generate it after a couple of minutes.

How to Download Dragon city Mod Apk for Android

Dragon City mod Apk Information

File Name Dragon City Mod Apk
Version v8.3.1(latest)
Mod Size 95.0Mb
Developers Social Point: Game developers
Android Version Kit Kat or above

Dragon city Mod Apk Features

download dragon city apk

  • You will get Unlimited Money
  • Gain a complete collection, there are more than 100 extraordinary dragons available.
  • Build your own city with magical homes that different gamers will envy.
  • New dragons and adventures are awaiting you each week! Don’t omit them.
  • Play with your friends, send them presents and go to their islands!
  • Hundreds of available missions!
  • Breed and integrate 10 kinds of dragons (Terra, Flame, Sea, Nature, Electric, Ice, Metal, Dark, Legend, and
  • Pure) and attain new and extra effective hybrids!
  • Battle online with hundreds of gamers and display your dragons’ energy in dragon city v8.3.1 mod apk.

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I hope you successfully downloaded the dragon city mod apk v8.3.1 on your Android device. If you face any problem while downloading or installing the game, just let me know through the comments below. I am here for you.

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