Earn OSRS gold when levelling magic

Getting to 99 in magic can be a quicker process if you know what you are doing. When playing Old School Runescape, you will come to learn just how important of a skill it is. It can be a great skill to level and earn some OSRS gold along the way. But it also plays a heavy role in your approach to combat. With that in mind, we will be taking a look at the best ways to reach 99 with Magic.

Start Questing Early

This is vital to getting this skill up quickly. To start with training magic, you should be looking at quests such as Imp Catcher, The Grand Tree, Watchtower and Witch’s Potion to give yourself a boost into training the magic skill early. Both Imp Catcher and Witch’s Potion will take your magic skill to level 10 and don’t have any requirements.

Auto-Attack with Splashing

If you have never heard the term splashing, then fear not. It basically means that you auto-attack an enemy that is weak with spells that won’t have any effect. Failed spells are known as a splash, but you will gain XP every time that you cast a spell despite if it fails. Since the enemy doesn’t die from the failed spell, you can simply repeat the process over and over. You will find that many players tend to use this method, since you can hike up your magic skill levels with very little effort.

If you do manage to land a hit with a spell, then naturally you are going to make more XP from it. That isn’t to say that splashing isn’t worthwhile however. In fact, it’s useful for training magic because you aren’t waiting for enemies to respawn. If you do connect with a spell, you can expect more experience, but then you are going to have to wait until it respawns again. Not only that, some players lower the enemy’s defence but this in term can be a bit detrimental since you will have to wait for their stats to regenerate so that you can repeat the spell. By using the splashing method, you can bypass this and use the spell repeatedly without stopping.

Your magic bonus will play a part in how effective splashing will work. If your magic bonus is high, then your chances of splashing will be much lower. To get your magic bonus to a point where you are splashing every time, you will need to get your magic attack bonus down to -65. Once you do, then you will have no trouble at all with splashing.

If you have enough OSRS GP, then get a Goblin Staff to help you with this. Having bronze gear can help you too when getting the bonus to where it needs to be. You won’t have to buy OSRS gold to afford the staff, which you can get from Django in Draynor Village for 45 OSRS gold coins. So needless to say, having to find OSRS gold for sale isn’t really necessary. You can also try the green dragonhide vambraces to help you as well if you want another staff to use for your runes. You will need to have your ranged up to level 40 if you are going to adopt this method.

As for places as to where you can splash, the best places include using the rats that you find outside of the Lumbridge castle. Otherwise, you can go to Draynor Village and splash the demon that you find on the Wizards’ Tower.

Using Spellbooks

In OSRS, you can use four spellbooks to help you. The standard one is available from the start of the game. Then you have the Ancient Magicks spellbook, which is more about combat spells, which you’ll receive after the Desert Treasure quest. The Arceuus spellbook meanwhile is for your prayer training. This is something you should focus on before you start on magic, since you can get magic XP from ensouled heads. This shouldn’t be your primary magic training focus, but it still can be useful. Finally, we have the Lunar spellbook, which is all about skilling. You’ll have to finish the Lunar Diplomacy quest first, and you can get more Lunar spells once Dream Mentor has been finished.

Overall, magic plays a massive part of the game. You will find this even more so true as you progress through the levels. Even items like the Twisted Bow will play a role that is extremely satisfying and based on magic, if you manage to get one. Either way, you should be more than ready to get started on your journey to 99.

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