GBA emulator for psp

Best GBA emulator for psp & how to install

PSP systems are really very awesome and I personally love to play games on my PSP but I also loved playing games on my Nintendo Gameboy advance system. For a reason, Now I don’t have a Gameboy advance but I still like its games.

So how can I play gba games on my PSP? I found a way that you can play gba games by gba emulator on your PSP. It is very easy to use gba emulator, just need to choose a good gba emulator.

Here we have:

Sony PSP has the capability to play more than of its own PSP games. It can easily play games of the old systems that use more power and resources in comparison to psp games through the help of emulators like SNES or GBA for PSP.

Best GBA emulator for psp

Nintendo Gameboy Advance in short gba is a system that psp can emulate and you will be able to run old classic Nintendo gba games. Continue reading this post to install and run gba games on your psp.

But the main question is:

which is best gba emulator for my psp? this is what we gonna see today. so stick around with me and see some best gba emulators and play your favorite classic games on your PSP.

Best gba emulator for your PSP

There are many gba emulators but all are not good enough. I personally used and researched the performance of some gba emulator on your psp and I can easily tell you which emulator is best for you. 

Best First:

UO gpSP Kai v3.4 test 4 build 225

Most recent source code by takka stopped development in 2009: … – kai-test/

From that point forward, I have not seen any critical upgrades.

Release from an unknown designer form 3.5 is really an old variant – Ver: 3.3 test 2 Build 132 with no noteworthy changes and upgrades in usefulness.

So I chose to conclude this pleasant emulator for the steady release. Thus, meet, I trust you will appreciate …


  • Fixed bunches of bugs, for the most part, irregularities in the program code and the code to be interpreted. 
  • Included new lines in the emulator menu and as needs to be in interpretation language files. 
  • Painted pixel by pixel, and arranged another text style “eureka.fbm”. 
  • Additionally in the text style included all German-Spanish-Portuguese-Greek characters umlauts with full Western European encoding cp1252 with the required width for each letter. 
  • Settled a few things are broken previously. 
  • Fixed substituting list by changing the catches in the joystick design. 
  • Presently in 2018, it runs all games from ZIP files. Already, huge records are not unloaded, emulator. 

Other minor fixes.

  • Marked to keep running on the official firmware, and obviously on the custom firmware. 
  • For emulator is accessible around 3000 diversions *.gba or *.bin arrange. [note: sentence expelled by mods] 
  • To spare space on the memory card, pack pictures * .gba in ZIP-arrange files. 
  • Pictures ought to be extended in the organizer: “UO gрSP kai GBA ROM“.

gpSP-J 091,009

gpsp-j 091009 is another GBA Emulator for PSP has been released recently, here’s the detail about it:
It ‘was simply released another update for the Nintendo Game Boy Advance emulator gpSP-J, as altered and enhanced by an obscure Japanese coder, dell’Unofficial created by Takka gpSP. 
The normal limitless changelog does not enable us to know the new highlights presented with this new discharge. We may feel that there have been enhancements identified with the soundness general emulator. 
Unfortunately, because the README is in the Japanese language,  I was not able to know the changes in the latest update. But am sure that this version of 2018 is more stable than the previous version.

You simply need to actually test the program and evaluate any advancement.

best gba emulators for psp

 gpSP mod 20090720

gpSP mod 20090720 was recently released. gpSP mode is the best GBA emulator released for the PSP with awesome compatibility and execution. Exophase has increased moment regard and love from the scene for his emulator. 
Numerous games as of now run quickly at 200mhz with sound and some frameskip. The Gameboy Advance emulator for PSP dependent on gPSP and gPSP kai source code has been updated by the mysterious Japanese coder.

If still does not like any, then go for these next 2
and if you selected one best gba emulator for your psp then just scroll down to see how you can install and play gba game on psp.


This is based on this version of TempGBA4PSP-26731020, 

Added gpsp kai ‘s cheats function.

Added the Chinese language.

Added restore function.

New menu icon.

Imported code from TempGBA-mod-dstwo-26750220.

GPSP incorporated into the EBOOT.PBP, CFW M33 only.PSP_LARGE_MEMORY option is enabled in gpsp.
Currently, these following issues are identified, but it depends upon your circumstance, it would be ideal if you replace.
Regular Edition1.M33 to utilize stretched out memory to run the applications you utilize, 32M to load the LombAnd crashes. (4M second 50% of the area can not be used?)
If utilized on 2.IR Shell, in a street crash Lomb. The PSP-2000 extension in the locale is utilizing the memory since it can not be used.M33 Version1. Stretched out memory on the double M33 to run applications that utilization the M33 after the expanded memory without specifying, we can use.

how to install gba emulator on psp

So, does not cause the application may cause issues. The reason for the over 1.2. In the meantime the utilization of modules(plugins) and crashes.(PspStates Experiment, MacroFire, aute quiet, etc.)PSP-1000, the issue does not occur. Both utilize the equivalent.

uo gpsp kai 3.3 test 2 build 132

The unofficial gpSP kai-GameplaySP Nintendo Gameboy Advance emulator for PlayStation Portable – Release log – UnOfficial gpSP kai 3.3 test 2 construct 49 svn.399Cheat detachment and other options.

ARM center system emulator for troubleshooting revive CASM C-center ARM center and is changing from a network emulator (compelling after the restart)

1MB cache briefly ROM was reduced to return to the original. The minutes, RAM store, a little lower when separating ZIP document, PSP-1000 with 320KB of cradle stretched out for extractingVRAM cushion on the BMP-accumulation reason, 112.5KB spare more memory PSP-1000 with 16MB of ROM to anchor a bufferIcon/picture that is changed pochi.

Add a portion of the textual style (not the system refreshes, ZIP records included)Initial Freese at the season of the disappointment of the textual style to fix.

how to play gba on psp


When IRQ intrude on, IME’s 0-bit registers and different checks were likewise right (it was the disappointment by some unknown)For debugging, add the choice to begin as old (after the restart enabled)
Additional alternatives for troubleshooting (for testing the rail arrangement of data to compose a Note)- UnOfficial gpSP kai 3.3 test 1 assemble 172 svn rev.392R punches were empowered to modify,Add fabricate numberState Road happen at the right move in toneIf CFW3.71 M33-3: TV yield, yet the PSP-2000/add-on memory was not perfect with Line of video.
cfg additionally LF + CRCFW3.95GEN to react to extra memory as the previous administration was to make it’s own. When extricating ZIP record, PSP-2000 for removing the support (up to) 16MB utilized (PSP-1000, 256KB)

Now let’s move further:

How to install gba emulator on PSP

It’s not all selecting and downloading gba emulator you need to follow some instructions to run gba games on psp. Follow these steps:


  • GBA emulator for psp( which you may have downloaded)
  • Sony PSP( make sure running custom firmware)


  1. Turn on and connect your psp to your PC with USB cable. Your PSP will naturally go into USB mode when you connect it to pc. 
  2. A window will open up giving you access to the PSP’s memory stick where there are many folders. Open the PSP folder and you will see 2 to 3 folders of game. Open that game folder. 
  3. If you have already downloaded gba, the Gameboy Advance emulator for the PSP (the list is given above). 
  4. There will be two separate folders found inside the download. One will be named GPSP and the other is named GPSP%. Then copy both folders in the game folder.
  5. Place your GBA roms into the GPSP folder. There are various ways to find GBA roms on the Internet, however downloading GBA roms which you don’t claim is illegal, and I cannot tell you in this guide.
  6. The roms must end in ‘.GBA’ for them to work in a proper way. When you have the roms and they are in the GPSP folder, press the O catch on your PSP to discharge and disconnect your PSP from the PC. 
  7. In PSP menu until the point that you discover the GPSP symbol in the game menu. Select it and it will automatically load. Your roms will load on the primary screen you see. You can choose them with the X button. 
  8. Then play gba games on your psp.
how to install gba emulator on psp


People still love play games on Gameboy Advance but if you don’t have or don’t want to use Gameboy advance system, play those games on your psp.

This is all about best GBA emulator for psp and how you can install and run gba games on your psp. and if anything needs to be updated, I will. If you have any query, do comment below. I am there for you.

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