God of War 2 ppsspp iso on android Download

The story of Kratos continues in God of War 2 ppsspp on Android as he wields his newly-bestowed god-like powers, plenty to the dismay and fear of the opposite gods.

I played this game on my android with ppsspp emulator. Don’t worry, I will also tell how you can download and play god of war 2 iso for the ppsspp emulator on your android.
And also by the end of this article, you will also come to know about the truth of highly compressed god of war 2 iso.

First, let me share my experience with this game:

About god of war 2

I personally loved playing god of war 1 and its story and in this part, you will see Kratos’s risk for vengeance. But touring again in time to reverse fate may not be easy.

The path to revenge is plagued by limitations, some small, a few large. With new enemies to struggle and more bosses to face, this adventure can be Kratos’s hardest project thus far.

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Game description for new gamers to this game:

If you don’t have played this game you should continue reading this. God of War II is an action and adventure game developed by way of SCE Santa Monica Studio and published by Sony Computer Entertainment for the PlayStation 2.

It is the second one game within the God of War series. The sport became released in 2007. Loosely based on Greek mythology God of War 2 is the 5th chapter inside the series, and paperwork part of a saga, with vengeance as a primary subject.

This game mainly focuses on protagonist Kratos, who has come to be the brand new God of War after his defeat of the Olympian god Ares.

god of war 2 ppsspp download android

Interest comes when

Betrayed by means of Zeus due to his actions in God of War 1, Kratos – now aided with the aid of the Titan Gaia – tries to avert his betrayal by using by seeking out The Sisters of Fate and changing his destiny.

A necessary sequel, quite nicely forged. The tale of Kratos does not emerge as winning against Ares and turning into a god. it’s miles well known that the gods could be terrified of a human able to kill a god.

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I really liked the story. even though I might have appreciated them to show the Titans a bit extra mild in the surroundings, but the heroes of the mythology of which we examine tales because we went to primary school compensate.

Heroes and figures like Icarus, the sisters of destiny, the Fenix, they’re all there. The fight modified insignificantly, and alternative guns were used to provide the Spartan more dynamism.god of war 2 highly compressed ppsspp gold

If you liked the first game, you may love the second. You must play this game you are a great fan of action and adventure. You can easily play this game on psp, PlayStation 2 or pc.

But you want a game on android right?

I am sure you are here to download and play god of war 2 on your android with ppsspp or ppsspp gold. Just give 3-4 minutes on this post and I am sure you will be playing this game on your Android today.

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How to download God of War 2 iso ppsspp on android

Follow these simple steps to have the fun of god of war 2 on your android.

god of war 2 ppsspp download
  1. First, download the most important thing that is PPSSPP emulator or gold version. simply download it from google play store it’s totally free or click here(it will redirect to download page of ppsspp emulator).
  2. Now, you need rom of this game that is iso file of god of war 2. Simply download from here god of war 2 is or follow next steps to download official and latest iso.
  3. Go to emuparadise.me and click on the section ps2 iso. navigate the search bar and search the game but typing its name that is ‘god of war 2’.
  4. You will see the result ‘god of war 2 iso‘. click on it. and then click on download option on this page. 
  5. After you download the iso file of god of war 2 then open your ppsspp or ppsspp gold emulator and enjoy the game.

At last

Most people may have posted videos or articles to download this game highly compressed(within 200mb) but it not possible as there is no official highly compressed iso version of god of war 2.

I hope you are able to play this game on your android with ppsspp emulator. If you are facing any problem while playing god of war 2 on ppsspp then just try to run it on your computer or laptop.god of war 2 ppsspp 200 mb

You don’t need to download a separate game for PC. just need to have PCSX2 ps2 emulator for pc and with same ISO you can play this game on your pc. I have also written an article about gta 5 on ppsspp that you should read.

Don’t forget to share this post with your friends so they can also play god of war 2. And if you have and query comment below. I am here for you.

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