Memu vs bluestacks

MEMU vs Bluestacks | Who wins the fight?

No doubt nox and bluestacks are really good android emulators for pc but other than these emulators there is one more android emulator which is really able to compete nox and bluebacks that is memu

By the end of this article, you will come to know about which emulator suits best for your pc as it is really important to have a good emulator that can run your android games well and don’t give you any problem while having an Android experience on your pc.

memu vs bluestacks

I have already written an article about which one is best between nox and bluestacks but as I experienced features memu android emulator I thought, memu gives tough competition to both especially to bluestacks.

Here’s my work:

I deeply researched both bluestack 3 and memu emulators and drawn some conclusions which I want to share with you. Let’s have a look bluestack vs memu, and who wins the war in 2018 and same for 2019.

Before we see which is best and which one is worst for your pc. Let’s have brief look at the features and my personal experience with both of them.


Bluestacks vs Memu


Memu overview

MEmu emulator is the main application that capable to have free Android experience on Windows. With compatible devices, the MEmu download can carry out on Windows PCs, Tablets, and a couple of-in-1 Windows devices. 
This brings you a new coefficient with the greatest compatibility and highest performances. The present-day version of the software has effectively repaired a problem with the foreign sticky key even as mouse moving and other capabilities as you follow the text.

The new and the latest MEmu app player permits users to download Android 5.1 ova at the same time as creating a new occurrence in MEmuConsole.Exe.

bluestacks vs memu 2018


It allows you to customize key features such as Resolution, RAM, Device version, Root mode, the CPU and the UI. You will enjoy a complete Android experience in with an expensive Windows device with MEmu emulator for free. 
You can easily play the popular and featured video games is natural in MEmu download. It is allowing you to map joystick or keyboard to the touchscreen for manipulating controls same as Android devices. 

You can also play games on a larger show than average smartphones or tablet PCs.
MEmu Android emulator grants you chat with buddies via using the keyboard on your Windows device on any Android related chatting app inclusive of the Whatsapp, Viber, Line and etc. That is why memu is supreme in memu vs bluestacks.

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In short:
  • Best Android experience with an elegant display
  • Flexible customization (CPU#, reminiscence length, resolution, device model, nav bar region, root mode, and so on.)
  • Mapping the keyboard and joystick to display screen touch for a lot better sport experience
  • Passing through sensor data (e.G. Accelerometer) to Android so you can play vehicle-racing like games intuitively
  • simulation of location with GPS
  • File sharing between Windows and Android
  • Fast APK set up via drag and drop
  • One-click Android machine creation/clone / deleting, and you can run a couple of Android times simultaneously
What’s new:
  • Easily Increase sdcard volume from 32GB to 128GB
  • Add a guide to keymapping of pubg with OpenGL mode, Knives Out
  • Add a guide to list maximum performed video games and apps
  • Change to keymapping macro
  • Add a guide to trigger macro by way of a mouse click
  • Add an assist to skill cast key in mapkey command
  • Add a guide to entershoot and exitshoot command
  • Improve game compatibility with V identity, Video game Guardians, God of Highschool, VALKYRIE CONNECT, and so on.
  • Improve the UI format of keymapping placing
  • Fix the problem of more than one VM layout on more than one screens, I doesn’t found this feature on bluestacks.
  • Fix the issue of file supervisor occasional crash
  • Fix a few different tiny bugs

My experience on memu

When I download it, it was horribly sluggish
Once the download complete, and Installed it through setup, Then it gets easier to enjoy the android experience. A window opens representing an Android tablet, some basic apps – together with ES File Explorer – and Google Play Store to help you locate and upload extra.

A  toolbar simulates shaking your virtual tablet, rotating it, adjusting extent, taking a screenshot, remapping keys or walking an apk directly, at the same time as you can simulate multi-contact and tilting with the keyboard or a joystick. This is I like about memu in fight between memu vs bluestack.

memu vs bluestacks 2019 & 2018


The Settings conversation includes a “GPS Simulation” tab to outline your vicinity. It’s set to China by means of default, so in case you’re elsewhere, you should in all likelihood replace it.
There are other settings to outline the RAM allotted to the method, the range of CPUs, and the display screen resolution (despite the fact that you could run Android complete-display screen every time you like).
For music MEmu additionally has shared folders and also for motion pictures, pictures and download, making it easy to share content between Android and the host. I liked these features in memu than of bluestacks.

Things to be noted:

  1. It will take a touch bit longer to start when you first time opens it.
  2. It can take much longer to install if you have many existed VMs to override.
  3. Override install doesn’t help downgrade to MEmu five.3 or in the previous version.
  4. It may take a little bit longer for the first time boot-up.
  5. It may take a while if overwrite multiple existed Android 5.1 VMs.
  6. Download extra Android four.4 kernel in Multi-MEmu if need it.
  7. Import/Export helps backward compatibility, NOT forward MEmu 3.

Before we see which one is better between bluestacks 4 vs memu. Let’s see some features and overview of bluestacks.

Bluestacks overview

Although I already talked about bluestacks and its features in nox vs bluestack. but now memu vs bluestacks. The player basically offers you a digital Android tablet for your laptop. Sign in along with your regular Google account (or create a new one), browse the Play Store as usual, and download or play something you want for 2019 also.


  • Well, almost – not the whole lot works. But that is infrequently sudden, when a few apps may not even run on precise Android tablets, and common BlueStacks claims 96% compatibility with apps in preferred, 86% with games.
  • All supported apps work with your PC’s mouse, digital camera, webcam and microphone, and BlueStacks additionally helps multi-touch and has incorporated sensors.
  • The free version downloads sponsored apps without your knowledge, this is a bad thing that I don’t like of bluestack but not in memu, however, if it is a trouble you can improve to BlueStacks Premium for $24/ year.
  • Version four.Zero brings a browser-like tabbed interface. Every time you launch an app, it opens in a new tab, making it less difficult to exchange between them.
  • There’s a Back button, too, similar to an ordinary browser.
  • A new toolbar has alternatives to take a screenshot, set your region, simulate a device shake, deploy an APK, transfer documents from Windows, replica/ paste to and from the neighborhood clipboard, and more.
  • Storage capability has been doubled to 32GB (16GB internal garage, 16GB SD card), despite the fact that this most effective works with new installations – not enhancements.

My experience on bluestack 

Installing the Bluestacks Player is an easy technique, so long as you have got a PC with cutting-edge hardware. I attempted loading it on an older laptop and the installation would now not able to complete. Memu is little complicated when talk about memu vs bluestacks.

memu vs bluestacks 3,4
Once I grabbed a ThinkPad X1 with a Core i5 processor the set up ran and installed perfectly. That means bluestack is not good for low-end PCs or even mid end pc. The first aspect you note after installation is a Bluestacks Windows gadget this is installed at the desktop. 
Form this you can only start bluestacks, so it’s crucial to depart it at the desktop Clicking this icon slides a window open with a few Android apps and games which might be run with the aid of clicking one.

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This main observation is:
The Android apps run most effective in the full display screen, that is disappointing as going for walks windowed makes extra feel on a massive display like a pc.  This is why I prefer memu in memu vs bluestacks.
The apps show flawlessly on the PC, and the mouse and keyboard make operating on the PC pretty excellent, even though Android apps are designed to be run by way of touch.
Most apps I tried worked great, with some exceptions. Some games suggest they may handiest run on a Pro Bluestacks that is scheduled for the destiny.
That is why I will suggest memu or nox in some cases. Other apps just in no way started properly, such as Pocket Informant which I had top-notch hopes for.

Some more in bluestacks:

Bluestacks includes an icon inside the device for getting More Apps, and when clicked it opens the Windows default net browser to get admission to the Cloud Connect web website. 
Getting greater apps calls for permitting Bluestacks to get admission to the consumer’s Facebook account, something some will locate difficultly. I wrote a complete review of bluestacks 4 on my article nox vs bluestacks 2018 on this website.
Now, to the main question:

Which is better, Memu vs bluestacks

When I asked 10 people who have used almost every emulator(they are big fan of gaming) out which 3 currently uses memu after using other emulators and totally satisfied with memu, 2 bluestacks, 2 nox and 2 other emulators like andy.
memu vs bluestacks pubg

By these numbers, I clearly came to know that memu is really superior emulator. Then I asked them why would they like memu.

This was the answer:

The main reason why MEmu was their choice is that it is completely free. Its all features are completely free then of bluestacks which need pro version when it comes to having proper android experience.

If you have a high budget and can purchase pro bluestack then you should go with bluestack but if not memu is the best choice for you.

But, Here’s a deal:

This is the video that shows bluestacks vs MEmu benchmarks playing pubg on both emulators.  Bluestacks performance was superior to of Memu while playing pubg. The speed of bluestack is little faster than memu but not as fast as giving 24$ to bluestacks.

Hope you got your answer. share this video to your friends if you find this helpful. May your choice be on your pc for 2018 and 2019. 

How to choose Best Emulator for your Pc

Set Memory limit: You’ll face a lag issue if your emulator you have less Ram. So, you can set restrict on memory use allowed to your emulator, My suggestion is 512-640MB maximum. For bluestacks, there is an editing registry and For Memu, custom settings on config panel.

Limite Display size: Bluestacks don’t have full background mode as different virtual field based emulators have. In Memu there is an internal feature to auto-size the window with a view to attempting to override the display size of MBR settings on PC with show resolution of much less 1366×768. Include windows hide taskbar to prevent Memu resize, and/or change Memu inner settings and force window decision.

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