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Best NES emulator for PSP | Play NES games on PSP

Nintendo Entertainment System(NES) was launched in July 1983 and was a very popular gaming system of that time. 
Many people don’t have this gaming system now but still loves games of nes. Or people just want to remember their old days, playing this games like me.

So, Here comes:

PSP has the power to play NES games without any problem. With the help of nes emulator specifically for psp, you can enjoy these games.

best nes emulator for psp

Not just nes games you can play GBA games and also PS1 games. I have already written a post to play gba and ps1 games on your psp.

We will see how to install nes emulator on your psp but first, we need to know which emulator is best your psp. The emulator should be latest and updated with high performance and no bugs.

We will have look in some of the best nes emulators for psp and from them, you decide which emulator is best for you. choosing the best emulator is little boring but as its one-time investment, give 3 minutes in reading.

Before we discuss how to install nes emulator on psp:

Best NES emulators for psp


Nesterj was Launched in 2012. It is based on NesterJ 1.12 Plus 0.61 RM, so it comes with features like rewind mode, cheat codes support, turned/reflected screen, sepia palette, support to uncommon mappers (the privateer bootleg FF7 deals with it), and so on. See NesterJ 1.12 Plus 0.61 RM changelog(included in old_readme envelope) for more information. 


+Fixed a few accidents (i.e. Mario Bros Classic (E) is settled now, perhaps different games as well) 
+Fixed minor corrective issues on rewind submenu 
+Changed the menu CPU clock to 200Mhz 
+Fixed: CPU Modes 211Mhz and 200Mhz settings weren’t properly loaded from config file.
+Removed Wifi options from the menu (it doesn’t work). 
+Added thin additional RAM support. At the default spare rate, you can rewind more than one and a half moment on the off chance that you are using a custom firmware and a PSP that support it. 
+You would now be able to see the quantity of greatest rewind states on the REWIND CONFIG menu. 
+Minor code optimizing. 
+Improved vsync speed a LOT. 
Furthermore, I extremely would not joke about this. There’s no perceptible speed distinction when vsync is empowered now, while the first code took a half-speed hit… 
As result, VSync is currently enabled as default. 
+Added new VSYNC alternative (SOMETIMES). This just synchronizes when there’s no edge drops happening. I did this when I was all the while utilizing the first Vsync code. As there’s no perceptible speed hit with vsync dependably on, this isn’t the default choice. 
+Added another option Battery Power Save. The default is ON. 
The first NesterJ code used a loop to decide when the following cycle ought to be emulated. 
Enabling this option endeavors to sleep the string when it`s still too soon to execute the following cycle. 
There shouldn’t be any speed decrease with this, so you ought to dependably keep it enabled (except if you need to think about the CPU Usage utilizing PSP-HUD or any comparable module(plugin)). 

I don’t know whether ruka did likewise I did on his most recent version, as he didn’t distribute the source. 

nes emulator psp

Some test outcomes: 

  • ROM: Pogo Cats (Public Domain) 
  • Screen Mode GPU 4:3, test going up against “PUSH START” screen. The FPS was dependably at NTSC maximum (60FPS). 
  • CPU @ 222Mhz: 
  • Battery Power Save Off: CPU Usage 80% 
  • Battery Power Save On: CPU Usage 74% 
  • At higher clock frequencies, the CPU Usage sparing is more recognizable: 
  • CPU @ 333Mhz: 
  • Battery Power Save Off: CPU Usage 87% 
  • Battery Power Save On: CPU Usage 52% 
  • +Changed some default settings: Show FPS is presently on, and the default screen mode is “GPU 4:3”. 
  • +Added new CPU Speed modes: 211Mhz and 200Mhz 
  • – Removed Chinese language code: Whoever coded this copied the whole menu code changing all strings to Chinese. This outcome in a harder to keep up menu code (you have to change everything twice… ). Likewise, the enlarged code is enlarged.
Some more emulators that you may like:

FCEU-PSP v0.3 

FCEU-PSP is an endeavor to port FCEUltra, an awesome Nintendo Entertainment System emulator, for PSP. 
This is the main and first project of a “newbie” in the PSP programming world so there will be continually something to be progressed. 
  • Changed codebase from FCEUltra 0.98.12 to FCEUltra Mappers Modified (jun16-2006) 
  • Mappers compatibility expanded (because of the fceumm codebase refresh) 
  • Mapper 163/164 bugfixed dependent on FCEUX sources (FF7 Remake is presently playable) Improved the menu rendering a little v0.1 
  • Initial form Features: 
  • Basic control pad support
  • 44100Hz Sound 
  • SRAM support
  • Save state support Controls: During ROM determination screen: 
  • UP and DOWN: Move around the filesystem. 
  • X: Select ROM 
  • O: Quit emulator During interactivity: 
  • NES B button
  • X: NES A button
  • Select: NES Select button
  • Start: NES Start button
  • L: In-Game menu 
  • R: Toggle screen estimate
nes emulator psp


PSP_FCEUltra is an NES emulator port for the PSP. This is a port of the FCEUltra emulator for the PC and was gone into the NeoFlash Coding Competition. 
Features are exceptionally limited and include: 
Support for loads of nes roms (Best compatibility of any nes emulator on the psp?) 
  • zip support
  • correct ratio designs, equipment quickened renderer 
  • 60fps on most of the games
  • worked in game select screen

PSP-FceUltra v2

HamsterBert has updated his NES emulator (FceUltra) to variant/discharge 2! This new form demonstrates much change over the main and first release of the emulator including:

  • Fundamental sound help (Needs more work) 
  • Video renderer upgrades: 
  • Selectable channel mode, point channel or bilinear channel 
  • new selectable video modes: no stretch, 4:3 full stretch, and fullscreen extend 
  • More work on the guide 
  • stavestates (needs support for more than one save per game) 
  • frameskip for games that require a significant stretch of time to render 
  • general cleanup of code 
  • There are other many little changes that you will come to know when you download it.
Till now if you have chosen your emulator then you may proceed further. Download the emulator which you have selected. 
Now let’s discuss how you can install it and play nes games on your PlayStation portable.
Play nes games on psp

How to install nes emulator and play nes games on psp

Follow these steps to enjoy and remember those old days of childhood
  1. First, let’s start with some simple and repeated steps. Download any of nes emulator listed above. connect your psp and open in USB mode.
  2. Check the emulator’s files to see which version of the PSP Firmware you should install with the end goal to run that emulator. Download that version of Firmware 
  3. Save the Firmware documents to the Updates folder on your PSP’s memory stick. You can find this by opening your PSP from Windows Explorer and exploring to “PSP” at that point “Games” at that point “Update.” Create this folder in the event that it isn’t there.
  4. Extract the emulator which you have downloaded, I am taking here ‘NESTERJ’.After you have extracted the files, open the folder “NesterJ” and inside there’s an or folder “NESTERJ”. copy the folder “NESTERJ”. 
  5. Now you need to go to your memory stick’s root, there will be organizers like ISO, PSP and like that go to PSP>GAME, now paste the folder “NESTERJ” here and you are finished! As basic as that. 
  6. Now all you need to will be to place roms in your memory stick. You can put the roms anyplace on the memory stick. You can easily find roms on the internet. so I suggest to google it.
  7. A one of a kind component is that you don’t have to unzip the roms you have downloaded quite recently put the compressed the rar file NesterJ will play them as well! Cool huh?
how to install nes emulator on psp


I hope the problem of playing old classic games of the Nintendo Entertainment system may have solved by reading this. 
Now I am able to play these nes games on my psp with help of NES emulator. If you are facing any problem while installing nes emulator for psp or playing nes games
Feel free to comment below and share this article with your friends so that they can also remember their old childhood days.

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