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Nox vs Bluestacks | Which one is best for you |

I was thinking to play pubg mobile on my pc and thought to download an android emulator for my pc so thought of some emulators like nox, bluestacks, andy, memo and by research I came to know that form all of these bluestack and nox are the best in 2019. But there’s one to choose between nox vs bluestacks. 

I need to choose from one from nox or bluestacks. For looking best out of these both android emulators, I again researched the pros and cons, features of both nox and bluestack. Now I have the result of bluestack and nox.

nox vs bluestacks
Read this full article so that you can easily choose that which one is best for you and for your pc. It depends upon various things so you must read this full article so that you know which one you should download.

Nox vs bluestack


Nox is an android emulator planned initially for Windows and Mac to enable clients to imitate the Android operating system and run Android applications on their PC. It is fully free and does not include advertisements or premium subscription offers. 
While discussing bluestacks vs nox we will first have to discuss nox and than bluestacks. I will tell you features and my experience in of both nox and bluestacks and then you select which one is better for you.


  • *Fast and smooth The best thing that I like about nox is that it is such a fast and smooth emulator unlike bluestacks it does not lag and hang even while playing high graphics games. Its cutting-edge engine presents to you an interactivity gameplay that will outperform your mobile phone’s. With driving technology based off Android 4.4.2 and 5.1.1, good with X86/AMD, it’s steady, quick and solid.
  • *Absolute compatibility: Good with gaming and applications, including new and famous titles. Regardless of whether you’re old-fashioned or a beginner, you’ll unquestionably discover something amusing to play on Nox.
  • It supports multi-stage – Windows PC and Mac. 
  • Basic UI and simple to utilize. 
  • Quick, steady and great android emulator. 
  • It has Natural Keyboard mapping for application and games controls in the emulator. 
  • It also supports Joystick and outline board.

My views and nox overview

Nox enables you to change your settings any way you need it so you can select a totally full screen or for 720p or full HD resolution. You can likewise change in graphics properties like Direct X and Open GL, and additionally execution settings including CPU speed and RAM utilization.
Different customizations that are enabling clients to change the keys rather than simply “tapping” by your computer mouse on the virtual screen. 
Nox additionally offers pre-enabled Root gets to. You should simply enable Root from the System Settings. This will get SuperSU naturally introduced and after that, you can begin conceding root access to your introduced applications. Clients can likewise effectively introduce applications by drag and dropping APK documents. 
I discovered it somewhat irritating while titling games automatically rotated the screen, however, the many of them have turn it off option.
While most games are installing without an issue, I encountered a couple of issues where I couldn’t get the applications to install. I found bluestack is better here vs nox in fight of nox vs bluestacks. They just prematurely ended the installation and close down Nox together. 
The games installed fine on my Android phone, so a bug in Nox was to be faulted. You can likewise associate your controller/gamepad to the Nox App Player, however, I didn’t have any around to experiment with this element. 
To wrap things up, in case you’re utilizing Nox bear in mind to look at the extra features of highlights situated on the right side. You can undoubtedly take a screenshot, set your location of a virtual machine or utilize Macro/Video recorder from that point.

Conclusion about nox

This player is probably the best Android emulator that gives an abundance of customization features and functions. But sadly if you don’t like windows or mac then you may need to wait till this emulator officially launches for Linux OS.

The best I liked about the emulator is a clean interface that’s extremely good intuitive to learn and use. If you don’t understand anything or you have any questions about this app player such as people generally looks for how to join your controller with Nox.

For this Nox got an official site with huge variety or tutorials that will help you get the most out of it. But I use this use the app on a PC with an extra advanced configuration which gives me optimal results, mainly if you often play the games in Multiplayer.


You don’t need an Android device to run Android applications. A Premium Windows application, BlueStacks can run your android games and applications, for example, pubg and WhatsApp Messenger while you work in Microsoft Office in another window. 
Despite the fact that it is most prominent Android emulators, the product is vigorously focused around selling applications, need you to pay a $2 month to month expense don’t choose to install titles from Bluestack’s partners.
Poor performance, more bugs, and an irritating interface additionally keep BlueStacks down. Just have look on overview and experience in bluestacks.

Overview and my experience

User Interface
That attention on games is significantly clearer when you first run the program. Rather than seeing the normal Android home screen, as you would with nox Android emulators, you’re given columns of applications, a large portion of the games, aside from those in the “media and messenger” category.
In spite of the fact that BlueStacks is, in fact, an Android emulator and runs Android 7.1.2 Nougat, it works more like a basic Android application launcher.
Rather than getting the full Android UI, you get a customized Windows application that runs Android programs in either full screen or a settled size window. 


BlueStack custom home screen is confusing and disappointing. On first look, it would seem that you have all these applications installed, however tapping on one of the application thumbnails takes you to Google Play, where you can Install the application. In this case, nox wins in this fight of nox vs bluestacks.

bluestacks vs nox

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Keyboard and Touchscreen

On the in addition to side,  when running an application with BlueStacks in full-screen mode rather than windowed, it truly feels like you’re on an Android tablet, finish with help for multi-touch(on the off chance that you have a touch-screen tablet PC) and sensors joining (so you can do things like tilt to move in a game). 
If you don’t have a touch-screen PC. BlueStacks was outlined with the non-touch screen PC proprietor at the top of the priority list. The keyboard symbol in the base menu bar gives you a chance to outline controls like swiping, tilting, zooming and tapping to keys of your picking.


Unfortunately, the keyboard mapping feature doesn’t appear to work all over the place or exceptionally well. I couldn’t zoom in on Google Earth utilizing my mapped keys, for instance, and in Temple Run, the key mappings were switched. This is why I like nox when we talk about nox vs bluestacks.
Additionally, despite the fact that you gathered to have the capacity to set how you need picture applications to run (auto-rotate, dependably keep running in portrait mode or force to keep running in landscape mode), changing that setting did nothing for me. attempting to play Temple Run with the screen pivoted and the swipe-left key makes you jump rather than go left! I think for now nox is winning the game of bluestack vs nox.

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Gaming and performance

Regardless of the issues above, BlueStacks does its proposed job of playing games genuinely well, even on my old laptop (with an Intel Core i5 Ivy Bridge processor and 4 GB of RAM). Most games I attempted – including Clash of Clans, pubg and Asphalt 8 – kept running effortlessly and looked fabulous. 

In the game, Batman Arkham Origins graphics ran easily, yet there were odd glitches, for example, missing content overlays and lagging while cutscenes. Applications additionally set aside a long time to load. For instance, Instagram and Castle TD took 33 and 45 seconds, separately, to stack in BlueStacks, however only 4 and 11 seconds on a Nexus 5 phone.

nox vs bluestacks


If you have time I recommend you to try both and see which one is best for you. It depends on your computer specifications. I cannot say which one is better for you because every pc and different specifications. I can just tell you features and my experience of both.
But If you don’t have much time and wants a quick answer I am here for you in this case also.

Which one is best nox vs bluestack?

Nox App Player is more superior Android emulator than of bluestacks, it offers a bounty of customization choices and highlights. This incorporates things like the ability to assign “swipe right” and recreate genuine motion developments directly on your computer keyboard or joystick in the event that you have one. 
It’s a great deal of fun and appears to work rather well more often than not. It’s likewise altogether free. In nox vs bluestacks fight, nox is additionally an extraordinary answer for the individuals who need to rapidly test some applications, yet they would not prefer to download them on their Android phones.
nox wins the fight between bluestack vs nox for 2019  but It all depends on you and your choice.

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