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Top 15 best PSP open world games also for PPSSPP emulator | You must Play

It is very easy to play games on PSP as it could be easily fit in your back pockets. People want the best games for their PSP or PPSSPP an emulator for PSP. Open world psp games are the most popular category of games as it allows you to roam anywhere in the game.

best psp open world games
PPSSPP is a PSP emulator that allows you to play PSP games on your android or ios phone or windows pc. You can easily play this PSP open world games with ppssppemulator on your phone or pc.

By not wasting much of your time:

we go with the list of best open world psp games that you can play with a ppsspp emulator. Here is top 10 list of most amazing and liked open world games that you must have in your ppsspp emulator. All games are available on so you can easily download the game which you like.

Best PSP open world games and also for ppsspp

1.Assassin’s Creed Bloodline

open world psp rpg
Without any second choice assassin’s creed bloodline is best among all games in my list of best PSPopen world games. It is liked and played by many people.
This game deserves the first position in this list.


Assassin’s Creed Bloodlines: is an open world action and adventure PSP game that you can easily play on your android, ios or pc with ppsspp, some portion of the Assassin’s Creed establishment. This game was developed and published by Ubisoft.

2.GTA liberty city stories/vice city stories

Who doesn’t like GTA games:

In these games you can easily go anywhere in the city and free to roam where ever you want. As GTA liberty city is the game for ppsspp.
Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories is also an open world action-adventure game created in a coordinated effort between Rockstar Leeds and Rockstar North, and published by Rockstar Games. Initially released on 24 October 2005, for PSP.
In the series of Grand Theft Auto, it was ninth of its kind and was gone before by Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and succeeded by Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories, game includes use of rpg.

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3.Gun showdown

Gun showdown includes an open world environment, including side-missions that add to the story. Players control the hero, Colton White, from a third-individual viewpoint. While going out from town to town, outlaw attacks are regular and players should either escape or shield themselves.

4.Jak & Daxter- The Lost Frontier

The game starts with Jak and Daxter, escorting Keira on her adventure to end up a Sage and help to discover the explanation behind an overall Eco lack. 
After an experience with Captain Phoenix, an Eco-chasing Sky Pirate, Jak crash-arrives on an island at the Brink (the edge of their reality) and sets off looking for Eco with which to repair his Hellcat.
After a fruitful take-off, Jak must ward off Sky Pirates assaulting the ACS Behemoth, an aeronautical warship captained by Duke Skyheed of Aeropa. There are more interesting things in this game you should download and play this game with ppsspp or in your PSP.

5.Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

open world psp games list
For Fans of harry potter:
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is a computer game that depends on the fifth portion of the Harry Potter series by J. K. Rowling and the film of a similar name for PSP.
The game gives the player a vast piece of the Harry Potter universe, consolidating the motion picture outlines, J.K. Rowling’s illustrations and books’ portrayals to reproduce known spots, including the Ministry of Magic, Grimmauld Place, and Little Whinging.
And additionally the principle missions, and as a component of the new sandbox style of play, players can investigate Hogwarts and associate with objects, utilizing otherworldly spells to procure Discovery focuses.

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6.Monster Hunter Portable 3rd

It is the game developed mainly for PlayStation portable. In this game has Yukumo Village. This town has a primitive Japanese feel to it, both from its plan to its occupants.
Presently the Felynes prepare in the homestead and have all the more preparing alternatives like the marathon preparing in which the Felyne circles the ranch.
The player can take two Felynes out with him/her on a solitary player journey, up from the single partner of Monster Hunter Freedom Unite. When you take Felynes out on journeys. Play the game to have a wonderful journey.

7.Midnight Club: Los Angeles

Midnight Club is a car racing game and it is developed by and published by Rockstar games which also made popular games like GTA 5.
In this game, their is city Los angels, where  an amazing facility is provided that is free to roam anywhere in the city (in an open world condition bigger than all the three urban communities consolidated from the previous game, Midnight Club 3: Dub Edition)

8.GTA Chinatown Wars

list of psp open world games
GTA Chinatown Wars is an again an open world action-adventure game again developed by famous company Rockstar games. It has an alternate introduction from past games in the series, by incompletely looking like the primary Grand Theft Auto titles. 
Rather than a ground-level view behind the hero or a best down point of view, Chinatown Wars utilizes a completely rotatable camera calculated down at the activity. 
Dissimilar to Grand Theft Auto IV, the player is able to disable many cars of police as could be allowed to get away from the police as opposed to leaving a “wanted zone.” 
The more stars the player has, the more police they need to take out for each level. For instance, for a six-star level, they need to take out six cars of police to get down to a five star needed level, et cetera


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9.The Godfather

How can we forget the godfather.
Do you know:
when it was released it is the most popular games for PlayStation portable. As we are discussing the list ofPSP open world games so this is also open world action-adventure game.
This game is based on the 1972 film The Godfather and tells the story of a unique character, Aldo Trapani, whose ascent through the positions of the Corleone family meets with the plot of the film on various events. His activities in the game regularly appear as occasions that occurred off-screen in the film.

10.Kenka Bancho- Badass Rumble

It is a Japanese game developed for PlayStation portable and you can easily play this game also on your android, ios or pc with a ppsspp emulator
This game happens on a school field outing to the anecdotal city of Kyouto. Concentrating on Takashi Sakamoto, a bancho of a similar school unwillingly goes with his class as he is informed that he will again fail the school year in the event that he doesn’t go to. 
He gets together with his closest companion and steadfast partner, Yohei, and before long meets with different companions too. When they touch base to Kyoto Station, Yohei unknowingly thumps into another bancho. It is a really interesting story game you should download and play.

11.Tony Hawk’s Project 8

psp open world games
It is a skateboarding video game available for PSP and yes, also for ppsspp. You can explore the city on a skateboard. Yes, how amazing it would be that roaming around the city on a skateboard.
The game starts in the custom skater’s main residence in Suburbia. In the wake of breaking out into the primary lanes, a group is made by Tony Hawk.

The group is called Project 8 and includes eight skaters. The player character begins positioned 200th and by finishing difficulties and objectives, it will enhance your positioning always.

12.The warriors 

It is again an amazing PSP open world game developed and published by Rockstar games. The game happens in coarse 1970s New York City. 
The story takes after a street gang known as the Warriors, who have been blamed for a murder they didn’t submit, and should come back to their home turf in one night, despite the fact that the diversion starts three months preceding the film’s occasions. 
The on-screen characters from the film itself repeated their jobs to play out the voices of their unique characters. Upon its discharge, The Warriors got a positive basic reaction.


Toukiden is an action open-world role-playing game developed by omega force. Available for PSP and ppsspp.Toukiden is a mainly third-person game of hunting and chasing which utilizes gatherings of players or NPCs battling together against different beasts amid missions. 
Every player can redo their selection of weapons, protective layer, and abilities. Unique capacities can be gotten through the utilization of spirits, or mitama, which can be gathered amid the advancement of the amusement.
For now, these are the some of the most liked and best PSP open world games that you can play with ppsspp emulator. Whenever new game will come I will update the list according to best.
Whichever game you like you can download it easily on Emuparadise.comand if you have any query just comment below. And before you go back share this post if you liked it.

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