Path of Exile Tips for Beginners

With these tips, beginners in Path of Exile should be able to have the right mindset, expectations, and preparation for the game.

If Path of Exile is still gaining new players despite its age, then it must be doing something very right. As for the beginners, they will be doing a lot of things wrong. Making builds, PoE trade, and many others – they’re going to mess up in these departments. It’s impossible not to.

Nevertheless, it’s not impossible to have a smoother first run. And for that, here are some tips.

Learn a Little

For those that want to do their best and ensure they will mess up as little as possible, a little bit of basic knowledge can go a long, long way. The place for that is the Wiki. This is especially true for those looking for which class they will go for in their first playthrough.
However, for anything else, it is not recommended to binge on it, as all that information is going to be lost on them. Instead, they are better off consulting the Wiki every time they are unsure of something.

Later on, once they have enough grasp of the more complex mechanics of the game, they can then go to places where players discuss them, such as the official forums and Reddit.

It’s Okay to Mess Up

Another thing they should expect is that despite the Wiki’s guidance, their first run will be flawed at best, and completely disastrous at worst. Whichever their run would be, what matters is that they learn with the run they’ve had so that the next one would go a lot smoother.

It’s likelier to have a certain measure of success if you have previous top-down hack-and-slash RPGs, but even then, it is not a guarantee. And whether your first exile succeeds or not, it doesn’t matter as long as you learned and had fun in the end.

Accept that the Game is Hard

If you are wondering why the game is not exactly easy for beginners, be it for the title or the genre, you can chalk it up to the sheer nature of the game. Beyond character builds, there are also things that players will need to have a grasp on. Enemy movement, crowd control, positioning, synergy of passive skills, gems, and item modifiers, and many others – these are just some of the few things that take a considerable amount of time to master.

Thankfully, you will have enough time to learn, but it is up to you to give that time. Don’t think you’re not learning fast enough, because even veterans had to take it slow as well.

Understand the Economy

Other than combat-related mechanics, online RPG players understand that navigating through the player-driven economy is also important. Same is true in Path of Exile, and it doesn’t help that its barter-based orb-centric economy isn’t easy to deal with, as the PoE currency doesn’t have a numerical value.

Thus, it’s important to keep in mind something: valuable items are rare and viable. An item that is viable will have to be traded for something equally viable or a rare orb. Conversely, a rare orb can be traded for viable items.

Set Your Eye on Leagues

Remember how we said that it’s okay if you fail in your first character? That’s because throughout your entire playtime in Path of Exile, you’ll be making a lot of characters. This is because its endgame is all about leagues – high-risk high-reward content that is separate from the Standard League.

You can bring your character from Standard League and into the current League. After the current League, it will be brought back to Standard League, along with all the items -and level it managed to acquire during its run in the previous League. However, you cannot bring that character into the next League – you’ll have to make a completely new one.

Path of Exile’s endgame loop should already tell you that this game is not for those that easily gets attached to things. Or instead of dropping the game altogether, you can change your perspective and just roll with Wraeclast’s vicious cycle. Trust us; after a League or two – three at most – you are going to love it.

With, or for some of you, despite everything that has been said, we hope that you are ready and willing to give Path of Exile a shot. Exile life isn’t easy, but that only means it’s rewarding, engaging, and enjoyable in a very unconventional way.

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