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How much worth is of your clash of clans account | best ways to sell | Full selling guide

worth of clash of clans account

Clash of clans is the one of the most popular game in the world. Every one of us must have played this game and still playing. But people who completed the game till maximum townhall finds the game bit boring as there is nothing new to upgrade. so people want to sell their account and want to gain some money out of their account.

so, people who want to sell their clash of clans account, this article is for them. we will discuss some of the best ways to sell your account with no legal problems and for how much you should sell your account and many more. just continue reading this 4 minutes article.
how much is my clash of clans account worth

Before we see how and the best ways to sell clash of clans account we need to know for how much should I sell my account. one thing that I want to tell you that officially selling clash of clans account is illegal if you caught selling or buying account your account can get banned.

How much is my clash of clans account worth?

Best ways and places to sell clash of clans account

Way 1:

As there is no fixed amount of your clash of clans account. so I recommend if you are getting more than hundred of dollars for above town hall 9 account you should sell it. we’ll discuss where to sell don’t worry about that.
Since it is against the EULA you consented to (terms of administration) when you began playing to purchase or offer a conflict of groups account. 
Do individuals do it in any case? Completely. 
I have met players who have purchased and sold various records without any issues. I have additionally met players who purchased a record just to have it tore out from underneath them by somebody with the first email and data on a document, so the purchaser was basically defrauded with no lawful plan of action. 
There are outsider destinations that promote represents deal, yet I would not prescribe them. You are in an ideal situation landing a position to win cash than endeavoring to money out your conflict account.

way 2:

one other way to check your clash of clans account worth is by playerauctions, a website that will show your account worth. You just need to fill your account detail like youtownhall level, account exp, barbarian king level etc.

way 3:

By looking at others account price. where you will be going sell your account, there must be many other accounts with their details. you can check their account details with price and accordingly set your account price.
If you are unable to check others selling accounts of a clash of clans check out these websites to match prices for your account: playerauctionseBay,   g2g.

For now, you came to know how you can check and set your account’s price and sell. now we will see how you can sell it. be aware of selling as I have already told you this is illegal but as many people are doing this without getting caught why don’t you can earn some money free.

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How to sell clash of clans account

Step 1:

Get it linked to your google account for android and appleID for ios, a seller needs to link the account with game center. Because after all, you cannot just transfer one account to another just by swiping from left to right. You need to have an account linked to your game and that account is going to sold.

How to sell clash of clans account

Step 2:

Best ways and places to sell clash of clans account

1. Sell on e-commerce sites:

First and the best way to sell your clash of clans account that I recommend you is put it on e-commerce sites like e-bay, amazon etc. it is just as simple as selling your old items. 
You must have sold your old items on these websites its is similar like this but change is that in this you have a soft account in place of hardstuff.

2. Sell it on these websites:

You can sell clash of clans on these game account trading websites and forums. These websites are specially made to sell games account and you can sell your clash of clans account by registering there and posting your account details with price.  
But once again I am telling you offering accounts is restricted in Clash of factions Terms of Service. Be that as it may, much more imperatively, the danger of misrepresentation is excessively awesome for any of our players to be uncovered potential tricks.
A recently purchased Game Center record can without much of a stretch be recovered by the merchant, and in such circumstance, neither Supercell nor Apple can help the casualty – there are no principles or laws to secure a client on the bootleg market. In the event that you get defrauded while defying the norms, you’re up against the creek without a paddle and your cash. 
In any case, once more, in the event that you are perusing this answer at that point presumably keen on Buying a conflict of group record and you couldn’t care less about principles let me reveal to some bona fide spots to purchase or offer a Clash of Clan account
So following are the best places to visit : 

One of the most trusted and safe is that find the best buyer to buy your clash of clans account. Presently there is an uplifting news! By the manner in which doing as such is absolutely illicit. 
You can go to epicnpc or other forum sites. epicnpc is a web-based gaming gathering where a great many gamers visit consistently. You can make a record and post a string showcasing your record. Attempt to put in your Base data, tribe information, and some screenshots if conceivable. Give the tribe code too so they can view the base before getting it. 
When you locate the correct customer settle on your preferred arrangement by reaching from the discussion itself.

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Step 3: 

Handover your account to the buyer after getting money. don’t be a fraud with customers give him full detail about your account.

Things to keep in mind:

* Don’t trust on fake websites and try to contact with a buyer directly
*if you need to offer your coc account, first you have to guarantee the google account that connects to that coc amusement, isn’t utilized for other enlistments. for example, on the off chance that you enrolled your Gmail account with Facebook, and after that you utilize a similar record for the diversion, and you offer it, the purchaser will have the capacity to do secret key recuperation for your facebook page, and afterward you will get hack that path, so keeping in mind the end goal to have the capacity to offer this amusement in the first place u need to guarantee your email that connects to this amusement is cleared(without some other enlistments).
*Although you are doing illegal work so try don’t to sell your clash of clans account online. Tries to find people nearby you so that you can sell them directly without online involvement.
This is everything about how you can sell your clash of clans account online and for how much. I hope you liked the article. If you have any question do comment below.

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